Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lots Of Fun This Week

This was a busy but fun week because we had two birthday parties as well as a lot of cleaning and canning. It was a very productive week, first we had our daughter Emily’s (just turned 3)birthday party and we had a blast. Jud was able to come by and spent some time with us but all of our other children had to work. Emily got some awesome gifts and a princess cake. We call her our little princess so what could be more fitting than that. Then I canned seventeen quarts of green beans which makes our total to thirty-one quarts. We are hoping to get at least fifty before they stop producing. Then today we celebrated my daughter Chasity’s (just turned 23) birthday. My husband watched all the other children so Chasity and I could spend the day together. We started out with breakfast and then a friend was having some people over for a scrapbooking class so we headed over there. We made some pages and also some cards. It was a great time then we headed home to start on her dinner. We have a tradition at our home when it’s your birthday you get to choose the dinner. Her request was “No Peek Beef Tips, Green Beans, Potatoes,and Rolls”. We had no cake this year because she is watching what she eats. As the dinner was cooking we did some other scrapbooking and made a couple more cards. Below are some pictures of this week. Also this coming week we have two birthdays to celebrate. Our oldest son Jud turning 24 and Tanner’s girlfriend Malory turning 18. God Bless

Here is a few pictures from Emily’s birthday.

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 011

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 006

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 009

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 015

Here are a few photos from the scrapbooking party.

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 042

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 041

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 043

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 059

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 045

Here are the green beans before I started breaking them.

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 001

Emily Birthday and Green Beans 002

Saturday, July 9, 2011

ARC week

This week was ARC which stands for Alabama Revival Conference that is held in Birmingham every year. This year was a little different because we had five small children,and that was certainly a change from years past. We had a great time even though unfortunately my husband had to work this year and had to drive back and forth. The services were great but there was one that i just cant forget and it was titled (The Stolen Babies) Pastor Doug White preached it and it was so powerful, he talked about how satan comes and tries to steal our babies by distracting us with all our problems and stealing our faith. We have to realize that God is there for us and in control of our lives . I'm not willing to let satan steal anymore of my faith. God is a great and mighty God whom I will put my trust in . We have to reach the dying babies before its to late the cities of this nation are full of people who do not know the one true God and it is our responsibility as Gods chosen people to reach them and teach them about him. They need to know it does matter what name you are baptized in, the Bible teaches that we are to be baptized in Jesus name and that you need the Holy Ghost. The evidence given in scripture when they were filled with the Holy Ghost was speaking in an unknown tongue as the spirit gives the utterance. This is the only way to salvation according to Gods word. Thank God for a awesome move of his spirit at this conference. If you would like to learn more truth about baptism here are some chapters in the Bible to help you get started. Acts Ch.2, Acts Ch.10, Acts Ch.19 these will get you started in the right direction on your quest to know truth. God Bless

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend(Day4)

Well this is the final day of our long weekend. We started out the day with an awesome breakfast of omelets with old fashioned oatmeal and toast and it was so good. Later on this afternoon we took a short nap when the kids went down for theirs. After we woke up my husband and the kids went outside and stayed in and got the craft ready for them to do. We had so much fun my husband even got to join in. Then after the craft my husband told them the story behind why we celebrate the Fourth of July and how blessed we are in having our freedom. Then of course the kids had to have snow cones one more time, so dad came to the rescue then off to bed they went. What a wonderful weekend we had filled with lots of family, friends, and relaxation. God Bless !

July 4 day 4 2011 001

July 4 day 4 2011 031

July 4 day 4 2011 005 July 4 day 4 2011 006

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend (Day3)

Well this is day 3 and though we didn't rest a lot we did give the day to the Lord. After church this morning we went out to eat with some friends. Then as usual we can home and put the kids down for a nap. when they woke up we ate supper and then headed back to church. The service was about winning souls and changing lives of others which when you think about the fourth that's really what it is about, someone fought battles to give me my freedom, some have gave their life to make a difference in others. I thank God for my freedom to worship and even speak his name to teach my children about the one true God and how you are not truly free without him. I thank God that he saved me and gave me a life with him.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend (Day 2)

Well here we are at day 2 and it has been quite a bit of fun. Well I know I said all we were going to do was relax but I have one of those husbands that just has to get something done to feel like he has accomplished something. The reason I say that is he spend 7 hours of the day cleaning up the garage and of course he got me out there for about 5 hours too; however, I must admit that it was in dire need and besides that we love to go fishing in our boat and we couldn’t get it out of the garage, so I guess in reality we were preparing for another relaxing time fishing. Besides that we started out the day with a good old fashioned homemade breakfast. We had biscuits and gravy, eggs, fruit and sausage this morning. After that well you know the story above, but after all that we had some of our kids come over, and our very good friends, and as a surprise Allison and Tyler came over too for a cookout. We grilled steaks, burgers, and hot dogs. Then after that we started a fire and made snow cones. Then we got out the fire works and lit them as we were eating the snow cones. Heidi and Camille made some S’mores too! It really was a very good time and I think the kids had fun chasing each other with the Pop-Its we got for them. They also got to hold some sparklers as we were wrapping everything up. We have church tomorrow so I am not sure what we will blog but we will do our best.

Here are a few pictures of our breakfast.

Here are some of the pictures from the cookout.

Here are some from the Fireworks.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend (Day 1)

We have been waiting for a good weekend to kick back since we have been so busy lately and now we finally have one. My pastor recently gave me a book to read called The Rhythm of Life. It is about taking time for yourself and your family. I have learned more in this book than any other book i have ever read. That's why this weekend we are staying home to take advantage of the time off. Our older children are going to be coming over Saturday  to grill , Sunday is the Lords day, and on Monday we will spend our time with the younger children. They are looking forward to fireworks. We are not exactly sure how Jonathan will react but hopefully he will do ok. I will be posting each day to show our activities and how we are spending our days. Tonight Jud and Heidi came by and we are roasting marshmallows and making S’mores.

garden 2011 010

First we started a pretty good fire in our outdoor fireplace.

garden 2011 009

Then we had some family to join us. Jud and Heidi of course.

garden 2011 016

 garden 2011 007

Then we helped the kids actually roast the marshmallows.

garden 2011 024

And here they are enjoying their creation.

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