Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day of Family Crafts, Fun and Great Food!

Well we went this past weekend to visit our daughter Chasity and our son-in-law Joey and eat some supper. We ended up putting together a little something that us ladies could work on kind of like the good ole times. We ended up making some fall centerpeices using the same idea as the one I made for Christmas last year and it was great. While us ladies were working on the centerpieces Jeff was trying to keep the dogs busy. It really is fun to get together and make things around the holidays because as the times change people find it easier to just purchase things already complete and while that is fine, there is no creativity of your own involved and just the time together will be remembered for a very long time.

Socks was a little more hesitant to play than Tippy was.

Well here we are getting started on the Centerpieces. Before we came we screwed together the cut pieces of logs in just a pattern that makes like little shelves to set stuff on.

Once we drilled the holes to slide in the dowel on the back of the scarecrows to hold them in place we just started cutting flowers, prepping dead twigs (that is what Jeff calls the harvest type flowers), and hot gluing acorns and pine cones to the wood pieces.

Here we are just working away like we used to having fun coming up with our own creations.

Here is the close up!

Jeff didn't seem to interested in helping us out either. Him and Joey had there own thing going and once they drilled the holes the rest was up to us.

Here is Chasity's once she had the scarecrow glued in place.

Here is Chasity's final product after all the flowers, leaves, and pine cones were in place.

Here is mine once I had all the fall items in place. we stopped at Walmart on the way home to find just the right color candle to finish it off.

Take time for the small stuff because it is times like these that we remember so well and you can't replace them either. I look back at so many fond memories and I am just thankful that we can still enjoy them together and now my husband has someone to talk to while we are doing Thank goodness for Joey so he wouldn't be bored watching us. By the way supper was great and Joey's parents, Jud, Heidi, and Jody came to eat as well so they had a full house for supper. Thank you for supper Chas you did a great job! You did a great job cleaning it up too Joey.

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