Monday, June 17, 2013

What A Blessed Family we are!

Well where do we start? We haven't had the time to give to this blog lately with all that has been happening around our house but, here is hoping that will change. What we thought we would do is put a few glimpses of the fun times we have had since the last time we blogged before Christmas. To elaborate on the title we sure feel like a blessed family and in this day and age time seems to slip by so quickly. Even with all the fancy gadgets specifically designed to give us more time, it slips by nonetheless, and here we are 6 to 7 months since our last entry and it feels like just a month ago. Lesson I have learned is not to rely on those gadgets because as far as I can tell family is being pushed to the rear today instead of being brought to the front. Parents are having to work more hours just to ensure job security and the little ones end up suffering for it. Sure we are believers in working hard for your family, but not at the expense of the family. I am a blessed mom being able to stay at home and truly spend my time raising my children and teaching them about Jesus Christ. We are blessed with wonderful children and we just want to do our very best for them. This is why we feel so blessed and in looking at the pictures below we are pretty sure you will see why.

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July 4th 2013

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