Thursday, August 20, 2009

How busy I have become

I cant believe it has been this long since my last blog. I have been working so much between getting a daycare started for our church and gardening I completely lost track of my last blog update. Well let me see where to start, I have put up about 90 quarts of green beans, a bushel of apples of which I am hoping to put up more of Saturday, I can't even remember how many pickles, and also corn on the cob and I am now working on tomatoes and all the glory goes to God! This has been a blessed year for us in our garden. We have also been trying to get a daycare started for our Pastor who by the way is a AWESOME man of God, whom we cherish. Well it has not all been peaches & cream it takes a while and endless hours on the phone. Thanks to a lot of good people ( Kimi, Holly, Sis. Kim P, Sis. Von., Sis.Natalie, Camille, Jessica, and Kristy S.) we got the rooms almost finished. So now it is time for school to start back and we are working really hard to get everything ready for that. Where did the summer go? Well now that things are calming down I should be able to get back on track with my blogging. I will be posting pic. of all my canning and my harvest God blessed us with.

July 4th 2013

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