Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well it sure has been a busy time in our lives and sometimes it is hard to find the time it takes to get some of those rooms done in your house that have been needing a face lift for some time. As a part of the face lift list our laundry room was in desperate need of one. It definitely was in need of some attention and the worst of it is we have had all the materials to do it for about two years now. We can finally report that we have our laundry room finished (thanks to mom and dad who came in for a visit). If Jeff's dad hadn't come in and helped us get this done there is no telling how long it would have been till we were able to do it alone, especially considering that we have lived here for almost ten years and it still wasn't done. What kept us from getting this room done was that the walls needed to have a finish on them and we did not know how to do it. Jeff's dad came in and showed my husband how to do it. He took a sponge and dipped it in the mud and blotted it on the wall and then let it sit for a few minutes. After those few minutes were up he took a flat edge trowel and just flattened out the high spots. We couldn't tell how it was going to look until we painted and it turned out wonderful. We also cleaned out our garage and how happy my husband is because most of the junk belonged to me . On top of all we are doing our youngest son is graduating this month, so even if this project is complete there are still things waiting to be done. At least we did get this project finished and once again we have linoleum to walk on. I have attached a few pictures of the progress from beginning to end.

Here is the section of drywall he had to remove because the paper was actually falling away from the sheet rock material.

We have to add a few studs because once we removed the drywall we noticed they didn't stud the wall correctly when it was build all those years ago. Not only that but there was some wiring that needed some attention so we did some other work too. Luckily we had most of those materials as well.

Here we are putting in the new piece of drywall.

Starting to take shape again.

Here it is with the joints taped and ready to sand.

We decided to unstack our washer and dryer and the adhesive tape they used on the washer was quite a chore for Jeff's Dad to get off. He used a hairdryer to heat it and removed it slowly. He said it was the stickiest tape he has ever seen.

Here the wall is finished behind the washer and dryer before we put up the shelves. You cant tell the design in the picture here but it looks good in person and covers the small imperfections of an older paint job well.

Here is one view of the finished product. The only thing we lack is putting something over the hoses coming in from the wall. We have some ideas and hopefully that doesn't take another ten years.

Here is another view. I cant' tell you how nice this is but it beats only a concrete floor and a decade old paint job.

We want to thank Jeff's mom and dad for all that they helped us to accomplish on their visit this year. Jeff's mom isn't in the pictures but she was doing plenty behind the scenes.

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