Thursday, August 18, 2011

The First Week Of School

This is the first week of school for us,the kids are adjusting well.KayLeigh seems to enjoy riding the school bus. Her teacher is awesome our son tanner had her in first grade,he is now nineteen how fast the years go by.Tristin also has a wonderful teacher and seems to really like it. As for the rest of the children I'm no longer working outside of the home so i am homeschooling the younger ones. I am very excited we are going to be using Konos I really like it. I believe Jaden and Emily will enjoy it since it is a hands on type curriculum. hopefully I will have some pictures soon of everyone's first week. Other than school we have been very busy our church recently did a back to school rally which was great. Still putting up things from the garden although I think this is our last week for that. Then it will be time to plant some pumpkin seeds, cant wait to see the kids pick their own one this year.  Fall is just around the corner  it is my favorite time of the year and I absolutely Love decorating and enjoying the cooler weather. Well more to come soon God Bless.

July 4th 2013

Here are some of the pictures from our 4th of July day this year. We had my Sister in Law Pam, Brad, and Linden in for a visit and we did a ...