Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pool Project 2012

Well much has happened since our last post and the main thing I guess would be a used pool that we bought. We wanted to do something special for our kids and we were thinking about a swing set type system that you see at Lowes but along came this pool and we considered it and made an offer we could afford and it was accepted….so here we go. We have never took on a project quite like this and without our friend Tony we probably would have had to pass this one by as well. So thank you Jesus for this wonderful blessing and thank you Jesus for a great friend. We would take the friend over the pool any day of the week, but since Tony was willing to help guide us through this project we were very grateful and ready to give it a try.

Here are the pictures of the pool prior to taking it down where it was.



the first thing that had to happen was the pool needed to be drained out and the deck removed at the same time.


Once the deck was removed we were ready to start taking it apart and bring it to our house.


meanwhile at the Koehoorn’s back yard this nice grassy knoll was about to be changed.


By a Bobcat! So long grass and hello mess.



Here Tony is helping to guide the Bobcat operator as to what we needed.

pool pictures 2012 001

Here is the flat spot as a result.


pool pictures 2012 006

Here are all the pool parts all over the driveway.

pool pictures 2012 008

Once Tony got the ground completely level we started putting the pool back together.

pool pictures 2012 009

Here we are dumping the sand into the center so we could finish putting the pool together.

pool pictures 2012 011

Once the sand was spread out and leveled then the liner could be put in.

pool pictures 2012 013

We stretched it all out and installed it over the lip and we are ready for water.

pool pictures 2012 014

Here is a side view before we backfilled.

pool pictures 2012 018

Here we are backfilling around the pool.

pool pictures 2012 019

pool pictures 2012 021

It is a work in process but the ground is leveling out after some tiller work and a rake.

pool pictures 2012 023

pool pictures 2012 024

Here are the kids having a ball in the new pool. We can’t believe how much fun this can be for them.



This pool sure was a blessing and we thank God for allowing us to find it and be able to put this in. We look forward to many days of swimming with the kids. We have already had all the kids over and had a ball. We sure do appreciate all the help from Tony and some of the kids because without them none of this would have been possible.

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