Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Helpers

  You know that once in a while the ones that are wanting to help others get rewarded by the very ones they are trying to help, and it is such a joy to see that it actually changes your outlook about things even that much more. We wanted to share one of the those little moments and let you know it was a real privilege to be a part of this team. I know when you read on that it will seem like no big deal, but if you pay close attention to these moments then you will begin to see the impact of what we are all about. If you go back into the archives on this blog you will see that we had a pine tree struck by lightning back in June of 2010. This tree stood dying until I believe November of 2010 when I had it cut down. The guy I hired only helped to drop the tree and cut the large parts into manageable pieces that I could try to get rid of. Well to say the least a tree looks easier to get rid of until it is on the ground and you have to move the pieces, then the enormity of it begins to unfold. I eventually got the branches moved with the help of my son Tanner and my son in law Joey; however, I had quite a pile left to move and just haven’t had the time. Well one afternoon just playing in the yard with the kids and all of the sudden:



they are helping move this pile of braches with me:



and the next thing you know it is all moved! Even the littlest ones got in on the moving.





Personally I love these little moments! We are a blessed family having these children here and they change our lives and make us to know how important we are to them and also how important they are to us. I didn’t get to take the pictures but after this pile sat for a week we burned it all to the ground so now all we have left are the really big logs to finish cutting up and moving. Now I know we will have the best help out there too!

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