Monday, December 19, 2011

The Days of Fall

Just as Pumpkin Pie goes with a Thanksgiving feast, so does the days of fall go with falling leaves and unfortunately some work to pick up those fallen leaves. The greatest thing of all is when you can take those moments and make a little fun while the work is being done. Jeff was outside raking while the boys were playing some football and that is just a moment in this beautiful day!


Here is Tristin, Jacob, and Austin running some plays and trying to score.


Here is Tanner joining in the game. This was a flashback moment because Tanner and his friends used to play in this very yard.


Of course here is Jeff raking the leaves around the boys.


But then the next thing you know there he is getting in the plays.


Here is Tanner playing all time quarterback!


Here is Austin going out for a pass with Tristin and Jacob ready to try and get an interception.


Of course after the game and the leaves were raked up Jeff took the kids and put them in the leaf pile to jump around!


Here Emilee and Jaden are trying to throw the leaves up in the air.

Then finally of course Jonathan found his way into the leaves for his moment of fun.


Just remember there is always work to be done but it can always be mixed with fun. Every moment is another opportunity to make another memory. Of Course the days of Fall would not be complete without a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

Thansgiving 012

Above is only the beginning of what we cooked for Thanksgiving That we laid out on my new Wood Cook stove.

Thansgiving 003

Here is a Pumpkin pie that Jeff decided he wanted to make! Looks like he did pretty good for an amateur chef…lol

Thansgiving 006

Here are some home made Yeast rolls.

Thansgiving 008

Above are some of the snacks we put out to hold us over until we ate.

Above are some of the family and friends that came to join us.

Thansgiving 025

We read the kids some Thanksgiving stories before we ate to teach them what thanksgiving is all about.

Thansgiving 036

Here I am reading one of the stories.

Thansgiving 032

Here is Jeff reading another one.

Thansgiving 035

Here are the little bundles of Joy listening to the stories.

We have been so blessed this year and we are so very thankful for all that God has blessed us with and the friends and family that we are so thankful for. We pray that your days of fall were filled with friends and family as well and as we are almost at Christmas I am sure we will have more moments to share.

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