Friday, April 8, 2011

A day in the Park

There sure has been a lot going on since we posted last; therefore as I put these together they will not necessarily be in order. This was one of the latest things that we all did together so I decided to share this one first. We started out the day working in the yard and having fun around the house and since the day was so nice we all loaded up and went to the park to have a picnic supper and some fun. Here all the kids are together getting ready to take on the playground equipment.

Here they are again minus Jonathan because he wouldn't stay still for another picture.

Here is our oldest (that lives in the house) Tristan kicking back on the slide.

Here Kayleigh our second oldest.

Here is Jaden our 3 year old having fun going down the slide.

Here is Emily our two year old experiencing the static electricity while coming down the slide. look at her funny.

Here is our one year old Jonathan who was the biggest fan of the slide. He just kept going back for more.

Here he is going again.

Here Jonathan is getting a taste of the static electricity and because his hair is so fine it really stuck out.

Here all three came down at the same time.

We had a such a great time that day. We went to feed the ducks too but it must have been time for them to go because they weren't coming for the food anymore. We will just have to go back a little earlier next time. The kids were so good at the park and with a little help from Caila one of their favorite people (ours too!) we had an awesome time.
Thank you Caila!

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