Monday, November 21, 2011

Being Thankful!

Almost a year ago we started a whole new journey in our life and the path we began has taken us to a whole new place. Had you asked us a over year ago if we would have 5 new children in our home the answer would have been NO! That being said a little over a year ago we started taking Foster Parent classes not knowing where that would lead us or who would be lead to us, but now a year later we not only have been foster parenting for a year but we have adopted as well. So if I was to think of something that we are thankful for it is ALL of our children! We have 4 children that are grown and moved out on their own and we are thankful that they come to visit us as much as they can. Just the other night quite a few of our children came over to eat and we had a ball playing catch phrase and just spending time together. It is such a blessing that they all live close enough that we can do that and with those special moments you can build such awesome memories that will be talked about for times to come. These are the moments we live for and that we are thankful for. Being that we are lovers of Thanksgiving and of course Christmas we decided this year to get our Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving so we could spend our time off enjoying more little moments like we talked about rather than working on lights the whole weekend. So we took some time over a few days to put up all the lights outside and also decorating the inside. We are so glad that we did that because it may be a rainy couple of days and now we don't have to do it.
After we finished everything up my husband gathered us up on the front porch and took our picture!

The funniest thing of all is that the kids all lined up according to age and we didn't even notice that until later. How funny!

Here is Jeff setting up the tree.

Mallory helping me decorate.

Tanner being Oh by the way Tanner is on the right.

Here is Mallory helping Jonathan.

Of course we talked Desmond into helping too.

We are so Thankful for all God has blessed us with and we owe it all to him. Enjoy this season with us in celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ making memories with friends and family!

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