Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Time!

This is the beginning stage of our garden. Of course this is after all the tilling and raking and tilling again until the grass is all out. Funny thing is that you want things to grow in the garden but we just want to be picky and leave the grass out of the party.

This is our onions and cucumbers.
These are the Lima beans and cantaloupe.

These are our four rows of Green beans and squash.

These of course are the tomato plants.

These next few pictures are what our garden looks now after everything has had a chance to grow. Of course this is after more tilling and raking and watering and that crazy grass keeps trying to grow in here. I have determined that Grass is the ultimate party crasher. If only we could send out invitations to who we want to grow here......... grass would not be invited.

Here is the squash in the foreground and the tomatoes beyond.

Here is another view of the tomatoes.

Here are the Lima beans and cantaloupe to the left. Our neighbor gave us the Lima beans after we already planted the Cantaloupe so we hope the flavors don't mix. Then we may have some Limaloupe or Cantabean stay tuned for a flavor update.

Here are the Green Beans. Some people use the poles but we do a plastic fence so that it is easier to till in between and also to pick because they spread out better.

So far we have had a great garden this year and we have been trying to put in a little extra time to make sure it keeps growing good. Last year was a pretty bad garden year for us and we drained our canned supplies over last winter, so we are praying that this garden produces well.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The little bandit!

I just could not believe my eyes when I finally decided to do a little surveillance of the pecans that I had set outside. It seemed like everyday there were pecans sitting outside the basket and I could not figure out why...until now. It seems that our little squirrel that was robbing our bird feeders had a master robbery in mind. Just look at him scoping out the area to see if anyone is watching.

Remember look right left right before crossing the porch.

A little closer now

Oh its the mother load and I don't even have to shake them off the tree first.

I am too close to my prize to let someone taking a picture of me hinder my plan. Who cares if they see me cause we all look alike anyway.

Well I got my prize and I am off to bury it for a future delicacy of a meal.

Bye Bye now be back for more later!

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