Sunday, February 14, 2010

We All Need A Heart Transplant Every Now and Then

A couple of weeks ago we had Kids Church and what an awesome time we had. We talked about Restoring the Heart and what it meant to make sure that we have good things in ours. Sometimes without even realizing it we allow things to enter in that are not of God like jealousy, lying, cheating, and disobedience just to name a few. The kids really enjoyed it and there was such a move of God. We have a awesome team that is so talented they just get right in make the whole thing happen. We had the room set up like a hospital with a waiting area to the side. Bro Garett was our patient and unfortunately he had some pretty bad things in his heart but thanks to God he was able to make him whole again. When all was said and done we had an alter call and kids were praying everywhere and seeking for the Holy Ghost, and then God swept through and we had 5 kids received the gift of the Holy Ghost and 3 of them were Baptized. What a wonderful thing to see right before your very eyes. Thanks to everyone who helped and made it a success it takes us all to do the work of the kingdom. A special thanks to Michelle O. for all the supplies you got us, as well as Brother Harry for getting us a real gurney. Brother O. and Brother Ronnie Miller helped me to go and pick it up and for that I am also very thankful. We also wanted to thank Sis. Carla for taking the younger children out to another room and entertaining them while alter call was going on as well as keeping the little ones in order during the puppet songs and the skits.

Here are a few pictures from our practice.
Well it doesnt look like much practice was going on below but we did eventually do some practicing.

Here is Sister Camille and Sister Natalie two of our awesome leaders in Kid's Church!

Here are some more practice pictures with the three musketeers!

They are practicing pretty hard huh?

Right at the beginning of the Sunday Service the "Wee Praise" kid's choir went up to sing. Sister Kristie and her talented group of teachers do an awesome job getting the kids ready to sing every Sunday during Sunday School. Here is Sis Von De Leigh running them through another practice before they went up to sing.

While the Kids were singing our Doctors and Nurses were getting prepared for surgery.
Here is Brother Derek getting his gloves on. He did one excellent job at being a Doctor and talking to the kids at alter call.

Here are Sister Camille and Sister Kimi which were the Nurses , and Brother Grant which was also a doctor and they did so awesome (they are also awesome kid's church leaders) . You had to be there to see just how realistic these people made it look. The kids attention were drawn to the action and the teaching. Having a script is one thing, but the people involved in making it come to life deserve the credit.

Here is brother David Brazeel which narrated between the scenes, and Sis Natalie was the mother of the sick child (Brother Garrett). Brother Chase ran the sound for us and Sister Jade was another visitor in the waiting room and also helped with the puppets.

What an awesome group of kids we had too. I think we had over 90 kids in there and it was great.

Here are two of the three kids getting baptized right after kid's church!

I can't thank all the people that participated in making this happen enough. We had many more people helping out behind the scenes like Brother Luke running the lights (which was quite an endeavor in itself) and the many puppeteers that were behind the curtain that put smiles on the kids faces. We look so forward to the next Kid's church and seeing more kids lives changed each and every time we get together, even in the Sunday School classes.

To God be all the Glory!

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