Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was a wonderful time for our family. As you can see in the following pictures our kids had an awesome time searching and finding candy filled eggs. We missed not having Uncle Brad, Aunt Pam, Linden and Leandra again this year for Easter as they would have had a blast watching the kids trying to find all those eggs. More importantly than that for the first time we had all the kids and their spouses with us for a great time of fun, food, and games and believe me when I say we enjoyed every minute of it.

Easter 2012 088 Here is a look at the whole gang!

This was one of the pictures toward the end of the weekend so lets step back in time to when the weekend started.

Easter 2012 002

It all started on Saturday at Uncle Tony’s house with a huge Easter egg hunt and plenty of the best chicken we have ever had called Tony’s chicken. The picture above is right before the searching began for around 300 eggs or more. I can’t remember exactly how many but each kids had to find about 30 of them.

Easter 2012 006



Here Jaden is trying to find one at the edge of the concrete.



Easter 2012 011 


Some were hidden in plain sight.



Easter 2012 009



KayLeigh and Tristin seem to be finding quite a few eggs.



Easter 2012 015 


Jonathan was getting good at looking in the different places.



Easter 2012 008



Tristin was covering a lot of ground looking everywhere.



Easter 2012 017



Lilly and Gracie were really good at finding the eggs.



Easter 2012 020



Here is Emilee running through the tall grass.



Easter 2012 026



Kenslei is enjoying sitting in the grass too!



Easter 2012 052

Here we all are Easter Morning!

Easter 2012 043

Here is Jonathan with his Easter Basket.

Easter 2012 033

Here is Emilee with her Easter Basket.

Easter 2012 038

Here is Jaden with his Eater Basket.

Easter 2012 040

Here is KayLeigh with her Easter Basket.

Easter 2012 042

And here is Tristin with his Easter basket.

Then after Church all the kids came over, My Mom and Dad and then after a little while Jeff’s Mom and Dad came in. We ended up with quite a large get together.

Easter 2012 073

Here is a nice one of Tanner and Mallory.

Easter 2012 081

Here are all the girls.

Easter 2012 086

Here are all the guys.

Then of course we had to do one more Easter egg hunt at home so here are a few pics from that.

Easter 2012 054

Easter 2012 070

Easter 2012 071

Easter 2012 074

When the day was all over and everyone was headed home we will always have all the memories and the pictures of a great time together and enjoying the time with family. We look forward to more times like these.

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