Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is always changing

Well a lot has happened since my last blog. First of all we have a new daughter (since our son got married), and we are so blessed to have Heidi in our family. Heidi is going to be such a great asset to our family and to our church. We love her and thank God that he sent her for our son. After all that our mom and dad came down from Wisconsin to help do some work around here before winter sets in. I had been praying for the last two years about a mantel and fireplace, but we just could not afford one because the whole unit costs quite a bit of money, but about a month ago a guy that worked with my husband had one he wanted to sell for a $150.00. what a blessing!, but it even gets better than that because it turns out all he wants is a gas heater to hang on the wall in place of the mantel. Well last year we had someone give us a gas heater, so when I told him I had a heater he just said "let's just swap then" wow it opens your eyes to see that God really does care about all of our desires even if they are not always spiritual. In all of this, the wedding and parents coming in, my husband started a new job and it has been a big change for the whole family, So please be praying for us. Well I will be posting pics of the wedding really soon but here is one of the new fireplace. God Bless

July 4th 2013

Here are some of the pictures from our 4th of July day this year. We had my Sister in Law Pam, Brad, and Linden in for a visit and we did a ...