Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A New Christmas Tradition: A Gingerbread House

Well here we are trying out a new family tradition. We love to spend time doing things with the kids that they can get involved in and along with them being able to help put it together they also get to eat it after it is all over.

Copy of Gingerbread house 014

Here My Hubby is trying to keep the sides together. We laughed so hard because on the first try the entire house collapsed. It was so funny trying to get this thing all together.

Copy of Gingerbread house 015

We all have some candy to start the decorating process.

Copy of Gingerbread house 017

Here are all the bags of candy in the hands of the little artists.

Copy of Gingerbread house 018

Here the kids are adding the Peppermints to the top of the roof.



The Peppermints are now finished on the peak of the roof.

Gingerbread house 037 

Here are the kids putting on the gumballs for the roof.

Now the Gingerbread man and the tree are ready to finish decorating.

Gingerbread house 027

Here are the kids decorating the gingerbread man.

The Finished Product!

Gingerbread house 056

Gingerbread house 057

Even our Elf the kids have named Carter enjoyed the house while we were all sleeping. The kids weren't;t the first ones to get to eat it after all.

Gingerbread house 058

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